We at Melina aim to make every user’s experience a great one. We know everyone has different skin concerns, and hence skin treatment should be recommended, keeping in mind the unique skin needs of the client. For us to give you the experience to cherish forever, it is essential to know your skin type and skin concerns.

 Skeyndor products aim to provide the best skin products to suit your skin needs. We believe everyone’s skin is unique and so to capture your specific skin care needs, we have created a questionnaire, to help us understand your skin needs. Personalized Skin Care offers a sense of comfort and reassurance to You as well as to Us.

What is Skeyndor Facial?

Skeyndor is a renowned Spanish Professional Cosmetic Brand that has over 50 years of rich experience in the field of skincare and beauty. It has curated an extensive line of skincare products that are loved and used by many celebrities all around the globe.

With thorough research at the base, Skeyndor Facial range has encapsulated a luxurious formula of active ingredients that mitigates the risk of skin irritation and allergies. Most of their facials consist of a potent blend of ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol, and Hyaluronic acid that are famous for their skin-enhancing properties.

Benefits of Skeyndor Facial

If you ever had a facial, you know how relaxing and satisfying it is. Having one of the most advanced formulations, a Skeyndor Facial has several other benefits such as:

  • Smoothens out the skin texture and enhances the complexion
  • Sucks out toxins and impurities from the facial pores
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming up the skin
  • Fades away scars, acne marks, and spots
  • Improves blood circulation in the face resulting in a radiant skin

These facials usually don’t have any downtime. Your face will instantly look brighter and healthier. Moreover, the effects are quite long-lasting and as the days pass, your skin will only become more glowing and refreshed. That’s why a Skeyndor treatment is so popular worldwide.

Essential Hydratant Mask

Thanks to the chamomile extract this clay mask moisturises the skin down to its deepest layers. A must for beauty maintenance of dry and normal skin types to help maintain an optimal moisture content in the skin.

Essential Normalising Mask

Perfect for oily skin this clay mask has an astringent and regulating effect on oil glands. Thanks, the hamamelis extract or as it is also known witch hazel, this mask aims in absorb impurities leaving the skin matt.

Power Hyaluronic Deep Moisturising Mask

This mask is for very dehydrated skin and to help take care of the skin in cold and dry environments (perfect for winter). Thanks to its high content in polarized water and hyaluronic acid of very low and high molecular weight this mask helps hydrate the skin down to its deepest layers.

Clear Balance Pure Comfort Mask

This mask helps to refresh, rebalance and moisturise oily skin prone to acne without leaving a shine.

Natural Defence Fresh Firming Mask

Perfect for mature, ageing skin that needs an instantly refreshing, moisturising, firming and tensor effect that leaves skin feeling smooth and velvety.

Aquatherm Bi-Zone Soft Mask

Perfect for sensitive skin, dehydration and redness this face, eye and lip mask moisturises, calms skin and refreshes the complexion.

Virtual Meso Therapy Facial 60 min

Two options available: Meso Filler and Meso Lift

Skeyndor Meso Filler is an anti-aging treatment designed to refill, moisturise and lift the skin giving it added density. The Skeyndor Meso DSC machine, using the latest in skin treatment technology, stimulates the skin which enhances the body’s production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, improving the appearance of the skin. This treatment increases skin firmness, smooths wrinkles and lines and gives the skin added density.

Skeyndor Meso Lift is a meso-cosmetic treatment formulated to soften expression lines and to create a continuous “lifting” feel on the skin. Its active ingredients produce multiple “lifting” effects of progressive intensity (micro and macro-lifting) at different levels of depth, which, once united in sequence, lead to a noticeable “lifting” sensation in three dimensions which has lasting effects.

DermaPeel Pro Facial 60 min

A gentle chemical peel, combining five peeling techniques with high acid concentrations to eliminate external skin layers Multimode for skin brightening OR wrinkle reduction.

Light Therapy Facial 60 min

LILT Therapy is a remarkably effective non-thermal laser treatment designed to treat many different conditions. It works by using light to stimulate, regulate and accelerate cell function in the treated area to heal and restore damaged tissue.

IPL Photo-rejuvenation 60 min

IPL uses broad-spectrum intense pulsed light to treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, spots and sun damage and pigmentation.

Blue Light Acne Treatment Facial 60 min

Gentle cleansing, hydrating and calming designed for acne-prone skin, combined with blue light to target the acne bacteria living on the skin surface. Regular treatments combined with the recommended skincare are suggested for the improvement and elimination of acne, pimples and spots.

Power Hyaluronic Facial 60 min

Deeply hydrates the skin protecting it from premature water loss caused by the sun and pollution. This treatment combines hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with a potent aquaporin activator to improve the natural skin hydrodynamics.

Timeless Prodigy Facial 90 min

Luxury and science come together to create this prodigious global ultra anti-ageing treatment. Exclusive treatment inspired by the most refined and selected beauty techniques for a luxurious experience which results in amazing skin. Suitable for all skin types and formulated with 25 highly concentrated active ingredients, scientifically chosen to combat the signs of ageing of the skin.

Power Retinol Facial 60 min

The ultimate skin resurfacing treatment with ingredients that help the skin’s natural process of regenerating. This treatment uses concentrated levels of pure Retinol and anti-oxidants working together to decrease the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Power C+ Facial 60 min

For radiance and rejuvenation, Power C+ is 700 times more absorbable than pure vitamin C. Power C+ is a vital skin protector and antioxidant helping to eliminate an uneven skin tone, smooth fine lines and brighten the complexion.

Power Oxygen Anti-Pollution Facial 60 min

Reviving and renewing skin under stress from pollution, Power Oxygen actives speed up the repair process while they strengthen the skin’s defences. Purifying, clearing and eliminating damaging contaminants, Power Oxygen transports and replenishes vital oxygen supplies, rejuvenates oxygen-starved skin, shields against on-going pollutants and provides intense and immediate brightening, hydrating and anti-ageing results.

Teenagers Facial 45 min

Gentle cleansing and exfoliation, perfect for the Tween or Teen in need of their first facial.

Eternal Facial 60 min

Designed to offer an overall regenerating cosmetic effect providing an effective, long-lasting anti-ageing treatment. Containing highly coveted plant origin stem cell nano-liposomes, the Eternal Facial promotes the production of epidermal stem cells, while protecting them against environmental stresses such as harmful UV rays.

Global Lift Facial 90 min

Designed to restore the facial fullness of youth and redefine the facial contours. Global Lift achieves an immediate and visible face-lift effect without downtime. Reducing double chins, sagging jowls and eye bags raises brows, redefines cheekbones restoring a youthful contour for a more exacting facial definition.

Corrective Facial 90 min

Scientifically formulated to treat deep wrinkles and expression lines both quickly and effectively. The ultimate non-invasive treatment, utilising medical-grade branched-chain Hyaluronic acid, encapsulated in Nanotechnology for the deepest penetration to fill expression lines. In conjunction with synthetic Viper venom, which affects the ability of the muscle to contract, providing a Botox-like effect. The action of lifting peptides formulations through state-of-the-art technology effectively target pre and postsynaptic activity- relaxing wrinkles, even the deep ones, resulting in restored skin firmness and rejuvenated youthful appearance.

Timeless Prodigy Facial 90 min

Luxury and science come together to create this prodigious global ultra anti-ageing treatment. Exclusive treatment inspired by the most refined and selected beauty techniques for a luxurious experience which results in amazing skin. Suitable for all skin types and formulated with 25 highly concentrated active ingredients, scientifically chosen to combat the signs of ageing of the skin.

Power Hyaluronic Eye or Cryo Rejuvenation Eye

Skyndor Eye Treatments

Eye Treatment Add On